Resilience, and a busy upcoming month for this Dark Cabaret Sex Rock band

A ten-hour sleep and the Sunday morning rain in Montreal has me sitting at my table this morning, getting ready for another booking session for the Ontario tour I’m getting planned for the fall.

My computer died on me last week. I am doing this with my phone, a pen and my notebook. It could be worse, and I am happy to still be able to get things done. Like updating this blog. I am doing it with my phone. One technology failure leads way to my learning to appreciate it more, and making it work for me.


A Sexy Summer Groove Night turned out to be a fantastic event. Everyone was beautiful, smiling and grooving, and every bit of exhaustion inside me was well worth it.

Over the coming month, my band and I are set on a series of gigs that will have us share our Dark Cabaret Sex Rock to many new crowds. On Friday August 1st, Gab, Ben and I will be providing entertainment at a party held at Galerie Abyss, a beautiful and fascinating art gallery on Notre-Dame street, near Guy. Jules couldn’t make this one, so Ben and Gab and I will be showing off just what a rhythm section is all about.

Then, on Thursday, August 14th, Robshaw’s band will be playing during the Black Carpet event for the opening of the Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival, at Bistro de Paris. I am very happy, proud, and excited to be a part of this very wild party, and have already selected my costume. This is the kind of event that makes me proud of Montreal’s alternative scene -we are there, alive in the city, and we are standing strong.

At the end of the month, on the 29th and 30th, the band and I are heading out to Toronto to play 2 back-to-back shows as part of the Soundtrack of the City festival, in Kensington market. Venues are yet to be confirmed, but this is happening indeed, and we can’t wait to be over in Toronto again, playing for our sweet friends and fans in this great city.

August 2014 will be keeping Ben, Jules, Gab and I very busy, along with the production of a video for Alive, the planning of a tour in October, and the preproduction of the second album. We never stop, and it only gets more and more fun.

Live in Montreal on July 25th - A Sexy Summer Groove Night

Julian, Gabriel, Ben and I are back on the Montreal stages next Friday, at Bistro de Paris. We are happy to welcome Syd Perry, Womb and Mother Leads to our city once more, as our very special guests from Toronto. The local funk-rock band Space Kitchen will be closing the night. 

This show is all about the sweetest grooves, and we are making this one hot -a sexy, sweaty kind of hot. 

All the info you need is on this poster right here:

Just finished posing for the amazing and inspiring owner of the fabulous #GallerieAbyss!  Looking forwards to seeing the results! #montrealmusicscene #momtrealartists #supportyourlocalcommunity #art

Just finished posing for the amazing and inspiring owner of the fabulous #GallerieAbyss! Looking forwards to seeing the results! #montrealmusicscene #momtrealartists #supportyourlocalcommunity #art

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