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Robshaw's Bio

Alex Robshaw is a singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. Active since 2006 on the alternative scene, she is known for the intensity and authenticity of her enthralling live performances. She has so far released two EPs, one single and two full-length albums, 1339 Crowder’s End (2012) and Original Game (2017). A visionary creator, with a fervent passion for the evolution of the art of music, she’s made herself known with the concept of her two albums, 1339 Crowder’s End having been released with a 36-page booklet featuring a short story as accompaniment to each song, and Original Game having been released as a deck of cards, with the music on a USB support.  


In October 2020, Alex hosted an online conference on the reality of independent musicians and its impact on their mental health. Out of this conference was born The Light Underground podcast, which she co-hosted with Sarah-Émilie Deschamps (Hexapheen, SU, Judi et Filles) for a year. 


Alex is currently in pre-production for new music to be released over the course of 2023. 


Alex Robshaw also holds the VESICA circle, a monthly gathering exclusive to those who identify as women, created to reset the balance and respect of the feminine force within women and the environment. 

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